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In 2006, during our 13º Anniversary with our radio program,  we started this blog. Here you will find a summary of different shows of "Gracias Por La Música!", the songs included, backgroun music, news and highlights of the shows. You can also meet us, to listen some show, and why not to became in our representative!
We hope you enjoy this blog and you are cordially invited to participate with some opinions, suggestions and requests. Every contribution will be of great to increasingly improve our radio show devoted to the Swedish group ABBA .-

Every Thursday our show begins with the Spanish greetings of Björn Ulvaeus saying: "Hello Argentina! ... Gracias Por La Música!" – This words were recorded at the “Mamma Mia!” Premier in Broadway, October 18th. 2001-. Then we start the program with this introduction in Spanish:

Two couples joined by music and Love
Thet emerged from Sweden and their songs
conquered the 5 continents.

They are the Swedish group ABBA
And they are here, in FMCIEN in show made it especially for you!
With all exclusive with all unpublished
With the most successful from the Swedish group ABBA!

During 60 minutes we will share
The music of this legendary group
with special guests.
In this, our proposal:
"Gracias Por La Música!"

Then you hear the laughter of ABBA introducing each one: "Hello Fans, we are ABBA... I’m Benny, I’m Agnetha, I’m Frida, I’m Björn... we are ABBA"
... And the show is ready to go!


"Thank You For The Music!" is the only radio show which pays tribute to the Swedish group ABBA consecutively and uninterrupted for over 17 years, broadcasted by FMCIEN 105.7 Mhz Radio Station, in City of Villa Carlos Paz, Córdoba Province , Argentina.

The unique goal of this radio show has been to promote ABBA and its members as solo artists. Also to promote all the artists involved with Swedish music, as well as all local and international artists who perform and pay homage to the music of ABBA.  In this way, our audience can enjoy the wide range of interpretations of different artists from all around the world that shows their admiration to the Swedish group.

Every Thursday from 21:00 to 22:00 pm (Argentinean local Time), we open the microphone to present a timeless music which has captured the hearts of different generations. His host, Oscar Alejo Smirnov, tireless ABBA fan, produces and hosts this radio show to nostalgic and beloved fans of the Swedish group.

This program gave us lot of happiness:  from receiving the Agnetha, Benny, Björn and Anni-Frid congratulations through Hanser Görel, its spokeswoman, to being invited to the Premiere of the Mamma Mia! Musical in Broadway. Of course, it is always grateful to account with the active participation of our audience with their company and asking for  their favorites songs. Moreover, we receive the support of fans from all over the world who share their information and exclusive material with us.

No business purpose exists in this project, but the mere intention to give to our audience the best-known ballads, hits, songs less successful and those that were not published in Argentina, not only of ABBA, but also its members as solo artists. That’s the key to so many consecutive years on the air, a huge catalog of songs that provide the enjoyment of each one of their harmonies, with continuous new achievements ingredients and news from all around the world. All of this as result of a great and solid worldwide ABBAmania thanks to the music of ABBA.
On September 7th , 1993 marked the beginning of this project and still it is running with the same passion as its first broadcasted day.

Because of too much joy gives us the pleasure to make this program, we just can only say:

Oscar Alejo Smirnov
Host of “Gracias Por La Música!” ABBA Radio Show
Representative of  the Official & International ABBA Fan Club.-

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